Our Responsibility

Passion for our people,

and the planet.


We are passionate about embracing new challenges and finding the best solutions that generate a positive environmental impact, combining the best of two worlds: nature and technology.

An example of this philosophy is that our value chain is governed by the principle of circular economy or "zero waste," utilizing the entirety of the raw material during its production process. Thus, ACON TIMBER processes the logs, turning them into sawn timber, but we also process the by-products (cut-offs, sawdust, wood chips, shavings) and turn them into the carbon-neutral wood pellets. The bark is also utilized: In our steam boilers it is burnt to provide carbon-neutral process energy for lumber drying and pellets production. Acon Timber does not burn fossil fuels for energy produciton.

We are also especially careful in efficiently managing our waste, as well as in the use of water.

We take pride in working with sustainably managed plantations, an industry that is renewable, recyclable, and carbon-neutral. Sustainably managed forests, bring additional benefits such as increased fire protection through satellite monitoring, contributing to climate change mitigation through reforestation and replacing non-renewable products with wood. The activities of ACON TIMBER support numerous industries through the diverse application of our products, ranging from wood construction and hausing, as well as furniture, to green energy, chemistry, processing industries and logistics.


The positive impact of ACON TIMBER's presence on hausing, education, and the local economy is undeniable, both in the city of Virasoro, located just over 300 km east of the provincial capital, and in the surrounding areas.


Jobs are created, both directly and indirectly, in both rural and urban areas; enhancing the professionalization of workers and operators in the sector, with certification based on newly acquired skills. For some key positions there is the possibility of receiving training in Europe. ACON TIMBER aims to strengthening ties with universities to deepen education, internships, and research practices. Through the investment, also critical new infrastructure (power lines, energy, fiber-optic internet, among others) are being developed or upgraded.

Additionally, we seek to strengthen education and young people through various initiatives, including a school scholarship program, and collaboration in the expansion of a kindergarten and a space dedicated to childhood.

Wood is our Passion.