Our production site

About the site


ACON TIMBER's production site is located in Gobernador Virasoro, Corrientes – one of the most important forestry hubs in Argentina.


Our site is strategically located on National Route 14. More than 35 forestry companies are housed in this thriving industrial hub. A large number of herbal and livestock companies are also located in the area which make Virasoro the town with the highest economic rate growth of the country.

The extensive forestry development in the region has also promoted the increase of related industries such as transportation, ports, and land logistics, giving the entire area a great boost for trade and investments.

Our Approach


The production chain of ACONTIMBER is governed by the principle of "zero waste", 100% of raw material is utilized in the production process.


For an industrial company that works with a sustainable raw material – wood – it involves ensuring optimum, waste-free utilisation of this raw material, but also playing an active role to mitigate the impact on society and the environment.

Our basic principle is that we purchase wood exclusively from sustainably managed plantations of Pinus taeda and Pinus elliottii. Our sources of supply are strictly audited at regular intervals. Deliveries are traced back to their place of origin, thereby providing a transparent chain-of-custody.

Corporate social responsibility also guides us in our relationships with employees, our business partners and our footprint in the regions in which we operate.