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Welcome to ACON TIMBER, an HS Timber Group company.

We are one of the most important wood processing companies in Argentina, founded by professional people with long-stablished heritage in the forest industry.

Located in Virasoro, province of Corrientes, our state-of-the-art production plant produces high-quality wood products for customers all over the world.

We actively support sustainable forestry and community development through high-tech processing, efficient technologies and virtually waste-free raw material utilization.

We source wood exclusively from sustainably managed plantations.  It can be traced transparently. That makes our products one of the safest in the industry for people and planet.



Wood is our passion.

About HS Timber Group


HS Timber Group, is a long-established wood processing company of Austrian origin, with strong roots in Central and Eastern Europe.

With around 2,700 employees in Argentina, Austria, Germany, Romania and Finland, HS Timber Group produces high-quality wood products for industrial customers all over the world.

As a company that takes its environmental and social responsibilities seriously, HS Timber Group actively supports sustainable forestry and community development. 

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Our Mission

Perfection in Timber. Getting better every day.



Our resource is renewable and unique. Our local engagement in the regions initiates and supports economic development and respects the environment.


We are passionate about meeting new challenges and finding the best solutions. Our ability to innovate products and services guarantees individual solutions.


Close cooperation is our key to common success. Our reliability ensures stability for our employees, customers and suppliers.